22 May 2017: Journey to Italy

A little introduction


When I was in high school I had a strong desire to travel but I never had really considered traveling abroad. To me, travel was exploring whatever beach my mom decided to take us to that year for our family vacation. I loved the adventure of experiencing something new. It was thrilling. When I was in high school I fell head over heals in love with something I never would have thought: French. My sister was just starting at Perry and I wasn’t overly enthusiastic about Spanish, so I decided to take French so we could have a class together. Little did I know how much I would enjoy it.

During my senior year I was offered the opportunity to go to France. Not only did I get to go to France that year, but I also got to experience the beauty Italy and Spain. I swore that I would go back. Luckily enough, Walsh has a really cool program called The Blouin Global Scholar Program which offers students the opportunity to travel to Africa during their sophomore year and to Europe the summer before their senior year. Well, three years have come and gone and now in eleven days I’m going to be making my journey to Europe with 15 other students who I have had the honor to have spent the last three years with.

Last time I went to Europe I posted about my trip and a bunch of you seemed to enjoy following my adventures. So, here is the opportunity to get a little taste of Europe.


So…. Here Goes Nothing



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